Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RoAd tO SPM!!!!

wake up! wake up! Amani! another 7 month to go.. kuat kn diri dgn smgt hadapi cbrn di dlm mktb! terus maju! berusaha! YES,Amani!! u can do it!! ingt2! stdy chaiyok2! for spm,for mama, for ayah, n for nu'aim.. and the most important thing is, all that i do are just b'coz of Allah.. He asked us to success in our life as we must find for akhirat too!! remember this amani!! jgn men2..jgn mls3...rajin!! rajin!! rajin!! cyez when stdy..be friendly with everyone..don't let anybody hate u, Amani!! yes3!! go! go! chaiyok! jgn b'khayal or leka dgn hasutan duniawi,Amani!! i must get 10 A+ for trial-SPM and the real SPM! gud luck!! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!!

~Disebalik kesabaran terselit keindahan~

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